We’re only satisfied if the client is satisfied!

As we are a family company we’re not only at the office, but also on the working floor. This allows us to follow up each step of the production in order to make sure that clients are satisfied. Our aim is to make sure that our products are delivered properly in the hatcheries and farms on location. Therefore we make sure that someone of us is joining the shipment until the moment we’ve loaded the goods on the truck or plane.

For the supply of hatching eggs and day old chickens, we can count on close contacts with local hatchery partners in Belgium and Europe. To ensure this we have contracts with them.
We stay in close contact with the people of the hatcheries and parent stock farms in order to ensure that the best quality is supplied to our esteemed customers.
All farms are under the supervision of the Food & Safety Authorities to guarantee the safety and the products are produced conform the OIE- & EU- legislation.

By decades of experience in the field we have lot’s of technical experiences in our house to share. In this way we can add more value to your company by exchanging experiences. We can count on a wide network of people, from hatchery to slaughterhouse specialists. Through our specialists we can make screenings of a company or a part of a company. We supply the clients with a full overview of our findings and a plan of action. Further follow up is also possible.

An extra service we want to give to our clients is supplying them with all kinds of poultry related products. This can be incubators, veterinary products, vitamins, slaughter equipment, egg packers, etc.

We work with the best brands in the world.

The involvement is our priority.

You can reach us 24/24 and 7/7!