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An authority in hatching eggs
and day-old chicks
for decades

Geldof Poultry is specialised in trading hatching eggs and day-old chicks since the 1940s. Thanks to our knowhow and long-term vision, our hatchery has been succeeding for three generations in providing the best service and in building lasting relationships with our clients. Due to strict planning, 24/7 service and air-conditioned trucks for transport, we bring every order to a successful conclusion.

Our mission

The importance of reliable
and efficient transport
for hatching eggs and day-old chicks
in rapidly changing times

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We work with the best partners in the world


At your service
for day-old chicks
and hatching eggs
at all times

Our team of experts in hatching eggs and day-old chicks
is committed to assisting you wherever and whenever necessary.
For every question, we offer an appropriate answer.
So do not hesitate to contact us,
whether you are a customer, partner or supplier.

Our mission

We invariably choose
quality over quantity

Our professional facilities and advanced working methods allow us to meet the highest quality standards at every step of the production process. By keeping control in our own hands at all times, we can respond quickly to our customers’ needs & demands and we can provide the flexibility expected of us.

Our hatching eggs

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our hatchery

Geldof Poultry is more than a company. In our business, teamwork and personal contact are key. By keeping quality, transparent communication and good customer service in mind in everything we do, we are able to achieve our goals every day.

Together with our passionate employees, we can build and maintain lasting relationships with our customers. The basis of our long-term-vision. Read more about Geldof Poultry’s philosophy.

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