Day-old chicks

Good agreements make good friends. Within our long-term vision and personal approach, we carefully select our partners and suppliers. For the delivery of day-old chicks, we have agreements with various hatchery partners in Belgium and Europe. Thanks to the close contact with these partners, we manage to deliver high-quality day-old chicks to our customers every day.

The parent stock farms are supervised by Food & Safety Authorities to comply with OIE & EU legislation and to ensure the safety of our products.

Our strengths

  • Hatching is aligned with flight days to deliver ‘fresh’ chicks
  • Various vaccinations possible (IB, Gumboro, NCD, Marek)
  • Air-conditioned transport
  • Beak treatment via laser
  • Standby team at the airport for smooth handling of the day-old chicks
Day-old chicks

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